Clothing and Equipment

At Smith Fire Service, we offer the best in the fire and safety equipment industry. Between fire extinguishers, protective gear, and more, we aim to be the only stop you need to prepare for any dangerous incidents that may arise.

For fire extinguisher sales and refills, we offer Badger. We can also perform inspections for all of their products. If your needs are commercial or industrial, we carry it all. That fire doesn’t stand a chance, so call us today to find out which fire extinguisher best suits your needs.

At Smith Fire Service, we carry Red Head Brass, LLC brass goods. Our inventory includes nozzles and red head couplings, all of which are made in the United States and are great for any firefighting needs you or your company may have. |

Any clothing or equipment that is utilized in a firefighting situation needs to be safe, efficient, and light in weight. Smith Fire Service provides a multitude of equipment from Quaker Safety, Fire-Dex, and more!

  • Breathing Air Systems

  • PMI Rope and Repelling equipment

  • Flashlights, Hand Lanterns, and batteries of all sizes

  • Servus Boots

  • Protective Clothing including Globe, Quaker, and Chieftain

Chemguard is the best when it comes to fire suppression supplies and specialty chemicals. Dealing with a fire is a potentially life-threatening situation; you don’t want the equipment and clothing you are wearing to add to this risk. You want it to eliminate as many of those risks as possible. Call Smith Fire Service today to learn about our full list of inventory and brands.

  • Emergency lights and sirens

  • Haz-Mat Suits

  • Fire Helmets - Cairns and Chieftain; also helmet decals

  • Firequip Hose and Rawhide Hose products

  • Collar pins; tie tacs; money clips, etc.

  • Gloves - plus many other items

  • Foam - Chemguard

Smith Fire Services offers many products to keep you safe on the job, but we also offer ways for you to take preventative measures. Check for leaks and pressure before using your breathing apparatus with our Biosystems PosiChek sensors. Ensure an area is safe for you to inhale beforehand with one of our gas detectors and accessories. We are proud to provide so many safety products that save lives. Visit or call us today!